Tasmanian Raspberry Canes

Raspberry Cane Order Information

To order email: othomas3@bigpond.com

Payment for new customers is required prior to delivery by direct deposit. Repeat customers are invoiced at the end of each month on one month terms.


A very reliable summer fruiting cane with robust medium size fruit. They are capable of bearing a large yield of good quality fruit. They are known for double cropping and are our best selling variety.

Autumn Bliss

A popular early Autumn bearing variety of large fruit. They can be soft and have a shorter shelf life than Heritage. They have a low winter chill requirement.


A very robust later variety with very sweet medium-sized fruit. They have a very long shelf life.

Floricane variety ($ per bundle of 10)

For quantities 25+ bundles (combined order)

  • Chilcotin: sml $10.30, med $12.30

Primocane varieties ($ per bundle of 10)

For quantities 25+ bundles

  • Autumn Bliss: sml $12.30, med $15.30
  • Heritage: sml $10.30, med $12.30

Prices exclude GST and do not include freight. Please allow $5 per 100 for freight to nurseries and commercial orders in Tasmania, $10 per 100 other than nurseries in Tasmania, $11 per 100 to nurseries and commercial orders in Melbourne and at cost beyond.

From 2019 we have decided to be wholesale suppliers only. For customers requiring small orders of canes we can often suggest nearby nurseries stocking our product.