Tasmanian Raspberry Canes

Our Raspberry Canes

Our nursery plants are grown on the rich volcanic soil of north west Tasmania. This gives a very strong plant with an excellent fibrous root system. Just what you want for a good start to your next raspberry venture!

Dormant canes are sold bare-rooted in the Winter months, predominantly June and July, in bundles of ten. The minimum order is 50 canes.

The Summer fruiting (floricanes) are available in two sizes; 50cm and 70cm.

Floricanes are 'traditional' or summer varieties. They are pruned after harvest, leaving the current seasons canes. These remaining canes may bear 'tip' or 'maiden' fruit in the autumn and a main crop in the next season.

Primocanes are late summer or autumn bearing raspberries that bear fruit on the current season's growth. Normally, all the growth is removed after harvest, but altering pruning and/or planting time can vary the ripening time of fruit.

Quality and Disease Status

Every endeavour is made to insure the health and quality of the canes. A comprehensive spray program is used. Propagation areas are rotated and sound cultural practices are utilised. As the canes are grown in soil, there can be no guarantee of disease status and growers concerned should source planting material from tissue culture.